AGAINST THE DAWN: Shaede Assassin #4 is finally live! This is my favorite book in the series so far. Thank you to everyone who has continued to read and support the series. I hope you enjoy Darian’s new adventure! Purchase links are below.


Six months can feel like a just couple of weeks when you’ve been away in another realm. Literally.

Now that Darian is back in Seattle, she’s ready to face the life—and the man—she left behind. But it’s not going to be easy when a ghost from her past shows up looking to wreak havoc on Seattle’s supernatural crime scene.

Darian isn’t as careless as she used to be, though. She and Tyler, her sexy Jinn protector, have come a long way in the trust department. And it’s a good thing too—because when Ty contracts her to assassinate a wickedly powerful supernatural who goes by the name of Mithras, it will take all her faith in Ty, and herself, to get the job done.

While Darian does whatever it takes to get to her mark, Xander, the Shaede King is busy making plans of his own. With Darian’s attention divided between Lorik’s secrets and her mission she might not be able to stop Xander from doing anything in his power to separate Darian from her sworn protector and in the process, destroy his own kingdom…

You can purchase AGAINST THE DAWN as an ebook from the following retailers:

Amazon | B&N | Kobo

Paperback copies will be available soon, exclusively from I’ll post a link as soon as it’s live!

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